About us


Manuel and Johannes – together we are Hier-gibt’s-Bier-de. We inherited the love of Franconian beer and the appreciation of craftsmanship and tradition. As is customary for true Franconians, on Sunday family trips we often wound up in an idyllic beer garden or a cosy pub with brewery onsite; visiting traditional beer festivals was program, as well as extensive beer hikes from brewery to brewery or to one of the small remote villages, which the “Land of 1,000 Beers” has to offer. Regardless of the envisioned destination, somehow Sunday (afternoons) would always draw to a close with beer in hand. Our parents simply loved to enjoy the Franconian beer tradition, to take a look behind the scenes of a brewery or to chat about the important and unimportant things in life while enjoying a ‘Seidla’. And we were in the midst of it from an early age on - of course with a fruit juice spritzer. Those days were festive occasions for us as children which made us happy. Even without beer.

Years later – and separately from one another - we went on a quest ourselves. We were (and still are) taken by all the exquisite types of beer and their flavours. Even though neither of us wanted to become a brewer himself at the time (which might be different today), yet we absolutely wanted to know how beer is brewed in Franconia. And so we visited brewing workshops, took part in beer tastings and immersed ourselves more and more in Franconia's world of beer. Occasionally the tastings would develop into slightly longer sessions. But that's another story altogether. In 2018 we finally decided to introduce Franconian beer specialties to a wider audience, popularise them beyond their region, and to market them online.

More than 200 beers from over 50 Franconian breweries

are now available in our online shop, customers from near and far have developed a taste for it and have saved ‘Hier-gibts-bier.de’ as a favourite. That makes us very happy, somehow proud and: continuously motivates us. On a daily basis, both of us do our very best to quench everyone's thirst. We are still looking for exceptional barley juice specialties, get to know well-known and lesser-known private breweries and microbreweries, and exchange ideas about the Franconian beer scene with experienced brewers and newcomers. And: as before, we are still astounded by the little marvel comprising of water, hops, malt and yeast.

You want to know what’s important to us when compiling our range? To maintain the brewing craftmanship and brewing tradition in Franconia. Therefore, you won’t find many of the beers from our shop in supermarkets and beverage stores. As exceptional as the brewing process and the taste of Franconian beer is, so is its availability with many beers being only available directly from the brewery, in the onsite pubs or through us.

With that in mind, we wish you lots of fun with your discovery and enjoy.

Warmest cheers!

Your Franconian beer specialists

Manuel and Johannes