wheat beer

In order to be called wheat beer or wheat beer, this type of beer must be brewed with top-fermented yeast and at least 50 percent wheat malt. A cloudy appearance and a fruity aroma are just as much a part of wheat as the typical banana taste, which results from a fermentation by-product. Further names are "wheat" and for more precise differentiation "wheat yeast" or "yeast". In the 1960s in Germany almost only "crystal wheat" was served, which was also called champagne wheat. This beer is freed from any yeast residues and suspended matter by filtration. The trend today is again clearly towards natural turbidity. As a rule, wheat beer has an original wort content of between 11 and 14 percent. The alcohol content is normally between five and six percent by volume. However, there are also strong wheat beers with an original gravity content of up to 20 percent and an alcohol content of over eight percent by volume.

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14-Heiligen Nothelfer Bio-Weisse

wheat beer from ecologically controlled cultivation

Bayreuther Hefeweissbier

Full and fruity, the Bayreuth yeast beer!

Gutmann Dunkles Hefeweizen

Gutmann Hefeweizen Dunkel is handcrafted and traditionally produced

Gutmann Helles Hefeweizen

The nose enjoys pleasant banana aromas

Kapuziner Kellerweizen

Amber-coloured, naturally cloudy and with fine yeast

Kapuziner Weißbier Naturtrüb

The classic Kapuziner wheat beer

Krug Bräu - Helles Weißbier

naturally cloudy, drinkable wheat beer.

Kuchlbauer Turmweisse

The "noblest" among the Kuchlbauer wheat beers

Kuchlbauer Weißbier "Alte Liebe"

"Alte Liebe," dark, malty and sweet

Kuchlbauer Weisse

Kuchlbauer Weisse - the most drunk speciality of Kuchlbauer

Maisel's Weisse Dunkel

The dark original in the tried and tested brewing style

Maisel's Weisse Kristall

The wonderfully sparkling refreshment of Maisel's Weisse from Bayreuth

Maisel's Weisse Leicht

The carefree way to enjoy wheat beer

Maisel's Weisse Original

The original by Maisel's Weisse from Bayreuth

Nankendorfer Weizenbier

A yeasty orange beer with a bubbly foam

Nikl weiße Eule Hefeweißbier

The Nikl Bräu wheat beer is light yellow with medium turbidity

Stöckel Premium Weisse

...a tingling pleasure!
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