Fancy a Christmas pint? Beer gifts for gourmets

Not to be confused with the stressful shopping in the run-up to Christmas, which we all somehow never really get around. No, we're talking about the cosy pint you enjoy at Christmas, when the daily hustle and bustle of the traditional festivities comes to an end. Of course, you could also go for the usual types of beer in the supermarket, but at Christmas it can be something classy again. How about, for example, a cultivated Schlenkerla Rauchbier, an Aktien Zwick'l or the natural cloudy Mainseidla Kellerbier fresh from the lagertank? But for the festive season, we recommend our popular mixing box. This way you can relax and enjoy the variety and flavours of Franconian brewing and maybe even discover one or two beers you didn't know existed.

Fancy beer presents for gourmets

In the next few weeks, the days will again be dominated by the famous question "What do I give to whom? Before you fall back on "any" gift last minute, you'd better play it safe. You can't go wrong with a nice crate of beer filled with finely selected Franconian beers. Especially if the person you're giving the gift to is a passionate beer drinker. No matter if it's a family member, good friends or a particularly pleasant business partner. The Christmas box from is sure to bring a big smile and one or two happy evenings. Here are our beer packages. The best thing to do is to take a look around and decide which of the well-stocked packages from beautiful Franconia could be a Christmas gift. Of course, we also try to cater to special requests as much as possible. And please don't forget: Only those who order in good time can be sure that the original beer gift will arrive on time.

We are looking forward to your order and wish you a relaxed start into the pre-Christmas season.

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