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"Today I bake, tomorrow I brew" - what sounds like a fairy tale is a lived reality in Büchenbach, a district of Pegnitz. In neighboring Bayreuth, the combination of brewing and baking was almost the order of the day until the 17th century. Since the baking yeast in the air favored the fermentation process of the beer, there were more brewing bakers in the city at that time than there were resident breweries. To this day, this tradition, the combination of baking and brewing, lives on in the Bayreuth district. With the Herold family. As early as 1568, the Büchenbach family business was granted brewing, taproom and baking rights. Since then, the Herolds have not only baked the finest bread, but also brewed a very special beer: the so-called Beck'n beer.

Original Büchenbach full beer: Beck'n beer

Beck'n beer - that's what the beers that bakers brewed were called. For more than 400 years, the Herolds' Beck'n beer has been a hearty dark country beer that is not very strong, but tastes incredibly quaffable. Brewed from the best malt and the finest cone hops and according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 - that's what it says on the label and that's how the beer is still brewed. Currently, Johann and Matthias Herold are the masters of Herold's brewing art. They brew according to old family tradition, still heating the brew kettle with real wood fire and wood from their own forest, even though the brewery has long since been renovated. Selected aroma hops in whole cones from the Hallertau region and the best malt from the local area are used in the brew. These give the beer not only its strong, dark color, but also its robust, palatable taste. One brewery - one beer? At the Herold brewery, it's almost like that. Only at Christmas time and around May 1 is there an additional strong dark Bock - while stocks last. By the way, bread is baked in the brewery's own bakery twice a week - on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Wonderful sourdough bread, to take away or to eat in the brewery inn.


The Herold Brewery Inn

Here it goes in the cozy Wirtsstube and the two adjoining rooms typically Franconian. On the menu are cold and warm snacks - with homemade sausages such as herrwurst, Pressack, liver sausage, Göttonger or plate aspic. You simply have to try them with your Beck'n beer. Just like the legendary fried potatoes with potatoes from our own cultivation. If Herold's is particularly busy in the summer months, don't be surprised. The idyllic Büchenbach is part of the legendary Bierquellenwanderweg (beer spring hiking trail), which stretches from Büchenbach all the way to the unspoiled Lindenhardt Forest. A stop at the Brauerei-Gasthof Herold is perfect for the start or the final stage. With three rooms, Herolds also offer a wonderful place to stay - even for cyclists and motorcyclists.

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Büchenbacher Beckn Bier Büchenbacher Beck'n Bier
Franconian country beer, dark, not particularly strong, but extremely drinkable
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