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Drossenfelder Bräuwerck

Not only the design of the Drossenfelder Bräuwerck looks modern, but also the design of the buildings and the beer garden. The history goes back to the year 1473. Here, the brewery inn was mentioned for the first time by Margrave Albrecht. The local brewery Hölzel had to close and so the municipality of Drossenfeld seized the opportunity to keep up the tradition and history. The Drossenfelder Bräuwerck was born. The Drossenfelders pursued a very clear goal when they founded the company. The symbiosis between tradition, history and modernity.

The romantic beer garden

Freshly tapped beer and delicious culinary delicacies in a modern ambience. The Drossenfelder Bräuwerck knows how to unite tradition and modernity. This is also reflected in the beer garden. In compliance with the requirements of historic preservation, this very beer garden was renovated in 2014. A 300-year-old dance lime tree and the view of the Rotmaintal make this beer garden a real insider tip. Not for nothing was the beer garden in 2020 by the Bayreuther Tagblatt elected the most beautiful beer garden in the region.

The craft Brewery

Modern technology and old recipes, as well as the art of craft brewing can be tasted in each of the beer specialties of the Drossenfelder Bräuwerck. Only the best ingredients are used. Every beer garden visitor can convince himself of this. The brewery, located below the beer garden, can be visited by any visitor after consultation with the brewmaster. Brewing seminars are even offered for larger groups of 10 or more. So the hobby brewer can pick up a few tips and tricks from the master.

Here is the link to the brewery: Drossenfelder Bräuwerck

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Drossenfelder Keller-Pils Drossenfelder Keller-Pils
Cellar pilsner with a sunny yellow color. Notes of cereals and a pils typical astringency in the taste.
Content 0.5 Liter (€5.20 * / 1 Liter)
€2.60 * zzgl. Mehrwegpfand
Drossenfelder Feierwerck Festbier Drossenfelder Feierwerck Festbier
Seasonal beer speciality for the Kerwa. Chestnut brown, malty and full-bodied taste
Content 0.5 Liter (€5.20 * / 1 Liter)
€2.60 * zzgl. Mehrwegpfand