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The beer with the right wort! Right. At the legendary Gampertbräu in the beer village of Weissenbrunn near Kronach, people still stand in the malt house themselves and process Upper Franconian brewing barley into high-quality brewing malt. This is where the unmistakable spiciness is created that makes Gampert beers so unique. In addition - according to traditional family recipes - the brew contains: water from the brewery's own well, quality hops from Spalt and the Hallertau region, the brewery's own pure yeast, a pinch of passion and a concentrated load of brewing experience. Gampertbräu has plenty of that. Beer has been brewed in the family brewery since 1514, which is longer than the German Purity Law has been in existence. Gampertbräu is still privately owned today. Currently, master brewer Christian Höfner, together with his sister Anette Höfner and a total of 50 employees, is running the business in the 12th generation. And very successfully at that. With an output of 80,000 hl, the Upper Franconian Gampertbräu is one of the largest breweries in the region and one of the top 12 breweries in Germany. In 2019, the company was awarded the Bundesehrenpreis by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture for this achievement.


Upper Franconian brewery with cult factor

The brewery's top product is the so-called Förster Pils - tangy in taste and with a pronounced hop note. This cult beer always tastes good, no matter where and at what time. Incidentally, the label with the white-bearded forester holding out his half-beer for a toast is also cult. In this sense: Cheers. And if you don't have any Förster Pils at hand or don't know it yet - we certainly have it in our assortment.

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Gampert Förster-Pils Gampert Förster-Pils
Golden colored fine tart drinkable Pils from the Franconian Forest.
Content 0.5 Liter (€4.00 * / 1 Liter)
€2.00 * zzgl. Mehrwegpfand