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Franconia is the kingdom of heaven for beer lovers! While in other regions of Germany smaller breweries have gradually been taken over by the larger ones and the range of different beers has declined sharply, things are still different in Franconia. Especially around Bamberg, the German beer city par excellence, and in Franconian Switzerland, a beer culture has been preserved that is unique worldwide. Here, there are dozens of microbreweries that still brew their beer specialties by hand. Discover diverse Franconian beers, such as Rauch or Kellerbier, but also classics like Helles or Dunkles, at this tasting.
Beer tasting in the presence of a pro

Are you new to beer tastings? Then you've come to the right place. The beer tastings are mainly aimed at interested beginners who like to drink beer and want to learn more about beer during the beer tasting in order to be able to enjoy it more consciously later on. The main points about beer are explained in an understandable way, so that even a layman understands what it's all about, and so that you can also have a good time. Sensory the fastidious beer kinds are so approach-moderated and explained during beer tasting carefully by our beer sommelier. In order to answer all questions during the online beer tasting and to be able to respond to each participant in the best possible way, the number of participants per beer tasting is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. Thus remains, apart from the expertises, also still time for the one or other anecdote and the humor does not come too briefly. After all, conviviality is and remains the most important thing when enjoying Franconian beers! ;)
The beer sommelier

beer sommelier beer tasting
Florian Bauer is a beer sommelier by passion. He originally comes from the event industry and has now discovered the perfect combination of event and beer for himself through his beer sommelier degree. As a native of Franconia, he is very familiar with the regional brewing culture and naturally looks beyond the end of his nose during his work.
"It's both an incentive and a satisfaction for me when my customers are happy at the end of an event because they've experienced something new that's not commonplace."
One-stop beer tasting - what to expect

You don't have to go to a bar for a good beer tasting. You can make yourself comfortable at home and do the tasting there together with our beer sommelier. Everything you need will be delivered to your home. You will receive the required beer types, a tasting glass, one of our tasting blocks and the participation link for the online event before the start of the beer tasting. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy an evening of socializing!
Individual dates for beer tastings

You want to invite your friends home and taste "privately", without strangers? Or plan a tasting for a company or a department? No problem! Feel free to contact us, we will find an individual date for you. Personal appointments are also possible by appointment, where the beer sommelier will visit you and personally moderate the event. He will guide you through the tasting with anecdotes, understandable explanations and extraordinary beer specialties, making the beer tasting a very special and personal experience.