Nothhaft Feuertrunk

Nothhaft Feuertrunk
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Brauerei Nothhaft - buy Feuertrunk online   The Feuertrunk from the House of Nothhaft,... more

Brauerei Nothhaft - buy Feuertrunk online


The Feuertrunk from the House of Nothhaft, in beautiful Marktredwitz. How nice when the very name of a beer makes you want to go on a journey of discovery. Feuertrunk leaves plenty of room for the beer connoisseur's own creativity. One of the first thoughts behind this name might suggest a smoked beer. The story behind it, however, is so simple that you wouldn't think of it at first. Then as now, the Nothhaft Feuertrunk is brewed for the festival of the local fire department. Very simple! Suitable for the strong men of the fire department, one might think it is a strong beer. In the glass, however, the dark, slightly cloudy amber color with a matching bouquet shines directly in the eye, which moves with mild, subtly spicy aromas towards the nose. On the palate, one discovers yeasty notes that end in an unexpected full-bodiedness. The absolutely perfect beer for the barbecue season, if only because of the name Feuertrunk.

Further information about the brewery: Brauerei Nothhaft

type of beer: Kellerbier/Zwickl
Alcohol content: 5,4 % Vol
original wort: 12,2 °P
content per bottle: 0,5 Liter
bottle deposit: 0,08 Euro
responsible food entrepreneur: Brauerei Nothhaft, Ottostraße 30, 95615 Marktredwtz (D)
ingredients: Wasser, Gerstenmalz, Hopfen, Hefe
allergenic: Gerstenmalz